ROGAN Knives is a brother company to ROGAN Tools (roganusa.com), a leader in prybar and demolition tool manufacturing. All products offered by both companies are designed by owner Mike Rogan and manufactured in the USA.

Why we use the chisel grind:

Chisel grinds can be found on Japanese swords, culinary knives as well as some modern tactical knives. 

A chisel ground knife is beveled on one side only, possesses greater strength and is easier to sharpen then any other type of blade. S
harpen one side and stromp the other after a burr is formed.

Chisel grind knives are also ambidextrous and can easily be used by both right and left handed users with very little practice.  

What does “hard-use knife” mean?

If you want to shave, use a razor. If you want to skin a tomato, use a kitchen knife. If you want to cut tissue paper, use scissors.

If you need to split logs, cut thick rope, chop, pry, bang in tent stakes, dig a hole or pierce the fuselage of a plane, we make a “hard-use knife” for that.

Our knives are engineered and purpose-built to take on real-life field tasks that push the boundaries of what a cutting tool is capable of.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.