ROGAN Knives is a brother company to ROGAN Tools (roganusa.com), a leader in prybar and demolition tool manufacturing. All products offered by both companies are designed and made by owner Mike Rogan.

ROGAN Knives are made in the USA and designed for hard-use. We strongly believe in and support American manufacturing.

ROGAN knives and tools are laser cut, machined, heat-treated, finished and sharpened. They will provide you with many years of service. Each unit has been crafted by hand and made with pride to offer you the very best in edged tools. 

Why we use the chisel grind:

Chisel grinds can be found on Japanese swords and culinary knives as well as some modern tactical knives. 

A chisel ground knife is beveled on one side only and possesses greater strength. They also cut easier then any other type of blade. This is because there is no drag produced by the flat side when cutting.

On top of that, they are much easier to sharpen because you only have to sharpen one side and stromp the other after a burr is formed.

Chisel grind knives are also ambidextrous and can easily be used by both right and left handed users with very little practice.   

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.